Rachelle Aaronson at samizPhot


I am an artist/ photographer, working with light, space and angularity. I have a huge respect and admiration not only for the quality of design of city railway stations and corporate buildings, but also for the 'simplistic' form of a working crane, or the overhead cables that not only create beautiful shapes in the sky, but are the electrical lines which power our trams, creating transport which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing in today's society.

My work is a journey without determining the destination. It is a visual process, which is developing all the time. It is also opportunistic: it is what literally catches my eye in the context of the urban world. The planning is in the actual taking of the photograph observing how structures and shapes connect to each other and how sunlight plays upon them.

Sometimes I capture a scene and know that there is absolutely no need to alter the image. At other times the film is manipulated in order to express a specific mood. This may take the form of positive to negative which can emphasize the geometry of the subject and yet make it more elusive. In some cases a filmic or theatrical scene is developed. When my work is solarised, exaggerating its details and intensifying forms, the effect can be electrifying.

Solo Exhibititions
  • 2005, July-August, Photography; samizPhot
  • 2005, August, Photography, Tobacco Factory Green Room, Bristol
  • 2004, Photography, Sodabar, Bristol
  • 2002, Photography: Cafe Unlimited, Bristol
  • 2000, Photography: Naffeteria Cafe, Bristol
  • 1997, Photography: Manto Cafe/Bar, Manchester
  • 1995, Photography: Watershed Media Centre, Bristol
  • 1994, Photography: Angel Cafe/Bar, London

Joint shows

  • 2008, Photography; DoubleVision, Bristol Guild (With Felix Grant)

Group shows

  • 2008, Photography; DoubleVision, Bristol
  • 2007, Photography; Front Room, Bristol.
  • 2004, Photography; Affordable Art Fair, London
  • 2002-2003, Photography; Hotbath Gallery, Bath
  • 2001, Photography, Winter Gardens, Weston-Super-Mare
  • 1995, Mixed Media/Collage; Museum & City Art Gallery, Bristol
  • 1984, Mixed Media/Collage: 7 Dials, Covent Garden, London
  • 1984, Mixed Media/Collage Westminster, London
  • 1976, Mixed Media/Collage: New End Theatre, London