Kerry Beall at samizPhot


I hadn’t discovered photography until fairly recently, I found it exciting and challenging playing with the idea of moods and feeling that can be expressed so strongly through a photographic image, just by altering the angle slightly the whole effect, message and feel can be altered.

I had spent about four years living in Looe, Cornwall. Like so many things, after living in an area you tend to over look the subtle characteristics that appear all around. After moving away and then returning, all the qualities of this beautiful place once again became prominent. I felt I needed to try and capture the feeling, scent and atmosphere that was strongly emphasised all around me.

I found myself drawn to Bill Brandt’s work particularly ‘East Sussex Coast’ (1957) – the rich pattern and texture is evident, giving it an almost abstract look. I was influenced in the way in which I tried to create contrasting patterns within my photographs, for example ropes meandering loosely across the frame with harsh, wooden decking behind it, coiled hard chains against the soft flow of the river.

I am currently living in Bristol; hoping to move on and enrich myself further, to explore new ideas and meet new people that can help me grow.

Sea the Images.
samizPhot, Mar-Apr 2005.