Chris Thomson-Peat at samizPhot Chris.Thomson-Peat
I started out when I was rather young, building websites in the same sort of way people learn to play guitar or drums when they're about 5. Over the past few years I have been building websites and designing graphics for others. Now I have now come up with my own ideas style: mainly very rough distorted graphics with a very abstract outcome. 

The Seven Deadly Sins project merged a lot of raw graphics with my photos. Seven Sins have been committed each and every day by almost every person alive. We are all sinners even if we try not to be.

Seven Deadly Sins. samizPhot, Jun-Sep 2005.


Media: Design, Sculpture, Paint, Digital Manipulation, Modelling, Graphics, Photography, Video, Audio, Web Design.

Photographic tools: Olympus OM 2n, Canon 300D Rebel, Photoshop CS.

Influences: Seven (Movie), Silent Hill Series, Fight Club, Roman Dirge, Tim Burton.

Icons: Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee, Giger, David Hockney, Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads & Ozzy Osbourne.