Zell Fifth Avenue
This American company, also known as Zell, does not generally mark its compacts, other than 'Made in USA'.  If the compact does not contain its marked puff, then it can be difficult to identify, other than by the pearlised paper in the base of the compact. If there is an inner lid, this is decorated with engraved acanthus leaves and flowers.
This fob-watch style compact has the Rotary International wheel logo at its centre.  The central section lifts to hold 2 photographs.  It measures 2.25" in diameter and is complete with sifter and marked puff.
A super padlock-style compact in white and gold and containing its sifter and marked puff.  The compact measures 2.25" in diameter and 3.25" including the handle.  It is in excellent condition.
This fob-watch style compact was made to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the Rotary Club International - 1905 - 1955.  It has  an inner and outer scalloped design with embossed flowers and the central Rotary Club insignia.  It was obviously made to present to the ladies  at a Rotary Club dinner.  There is no puff or sifter present, but it is in lovely condition.