This American company created face powders and perfumes which they named Viegay, Karess and Fiancée. The compacts and vanities  which they manufactured carry these same names. 
This compact, with a gold, swirly design over a coral-coloured base is called 'Fiancée.  It has a full godet of powder and an orange leatherette-backed puff.  It measures 1.75" in diameter and is in lovely condition.
This sarcophagus-shaped vanity is called `Karess' .  It is goldtone with a plain back and engine-turned front with an outer edging in a neo-classical design.  It has 2 compartments for powder and rouge.  The powder puff is blue silk, but the top of the rouge puff has disintegrated and there is a very small chip to the mirror. The compact itself is in super condition.