This American company made some truly fantastic compacts, and specialised in unusual novelty or figural compacts, such as cameras, opera glasses, flannel shirts, the Henriette No.8 billiard ball, the ball and chain and so on. Regrettably, I do not have any of the above delights but I do have the three beauties shown below. 
Lovely fan-shaped compact in a matt and glossy goldtone finish, with embossed designs to the top and base and a plain back.  It has a marked puff and is identical in shape and size to the one below.  Lovely condition.
Another fan-shaped compact in gold, silver and copper-tone.  Each of the silver ribs is embossed with a flower and leaves.  The inner lid is signed, as is the puff and the back is polished goldtone.  The clasp (see right) complements the shape of the compact perfectly.  The compact is in wonderful condition. A similar compact is shown in Juliette's book on Page 54. 
A delightful flower basket compact in polished goldtone with painted flowers on the lid, marked Wadsworth, Parker Pen, Made in Canada..  This compact is pictured in Lynell Schwartz's book `Vintage Compacts & Beauty Accessories' Page 67.