This American company made some truly stunning compacts, including the Golden Gesture hand-shaped compacts.  Lynell Schwartz's 'Vintage Compacts & Beauty Accessories' shows many superb examples. 
  This is a wonderful set which I haven't seen before.  It comprises a basketweave evening bag with a snake-chain handle and a mirror beneath the flap. The matching compact has a purse-type clasp and a rhinestone and leaf decoration. The bag measures approx. 6" by 4" and the compact 2.5" square. It is complete with a silk case for the compact, a soft felt case for the bag and the original box.  It has never been used.  What a shame.
A very classy compact in a basket-weave pattern with central swirls set with red stones which are also set into the purse-type clasp.  The compact is signed on the inner lid and contains its original puff.  It is just over 3" square and is in super condition.
An elegant compact with applied swirls dotted with red and white stones.  Inner door, bevelled mirror, no sifter or puff.  In very good condition.
This lovely compact is designed as a gift box, in a glossy goldtone with brushed gift tag and raised cord tied in a bow. It is complete with puff and the original card and is in very good condition, with just a small loss of lacquer beneath the bow.  It was advertised in 1947.
A lovely oval case with a white enamelled background and raised design of birds on a grape vine in gold and copper.  Some slight loss on right-hand side but very pretty nevertheless with stitched sifter and a lovely thick puff.
This design is called 'Persian Legend' and, I believe, is part of a set of similar designs.  This lovely case has a design of birds and animals over a goldtone base and the design is on both sides.
Another lovely gift, this is known as 'Fruit Salad'. A creamy-white enamel case with central stones in pink and turquoise and in superb condition.