Vogue Vanities

These compacts were produced in Birmingham, using bright and beautiful enamels in lovely designs. Some Vogue Vanities are particularly large in diameter.

A large compact but nevertheless very slim, this compact is in lovely condition.  Goldtone base with a pretty lacey design of flowers and leaves, the pattern is identical to the smaller square compact shown below.  This one was a Christmas present from a friend.
A lovely goldtone compact with a design of pink, lilac and gold flowers.  It measures 3" in diameter and is in excellent condition.
Pale green enamel with a marquasite shamrock at the centre.  About 3" in diameter with a slight mark on the enamel but otherwise in excellent condition.
This compact is only about 2" square, in pink enamel, criss-crossed in gold to form a diamond pattern. It is the first compact I ever had and was given to me by a boyfriend when I was 16. Sorry, I can't tell you how long ago that was! I wonder where he is now? I always kept it in a drawer, hence it has remained in excellent condition. This compact has no inner lid, as all the others do.  It is complete with sifter and tiny marked puff.
This is pretty with a blue flower design over a goldtone case. Another gift.
This design is quite unusual, showing a medieval scene of knights, a castle, swords and shields. It has an inner lid, sifter and puff and is in excellent condition as it has been kept in its pouch.  
Dragon and warrior design on goldtone base.  Lovely condition.  About 3" in diameter, and a smaller version of the one shown in Juliette's book.