Various individual items
Each of the following compacts is made by a particular manufacturer. 
Lovely foil Stratnoid compact of a sailing boat at sunset.  Revolving mechanism to dispense powder & puff, it measures 5 cms in diameter.  Vertical lines to base in a rippled effect & stamped 'Made in England' at the bottom.  Delighted to have a Stratnoid at last!  Another buy from Julia at Bracknell 2013.
This i`s a tiny little Tokalon compact, 3.5 cms in diameter with a radiating central pattern & a V-shaped pattern around the edge.  Inside it has an empty godet, which is not original.  Marked on the base, it's in lovely condition & cost me £3.00 at a car-boot sale this summer.  I love a bargain.
I love this De Fleury Vanipact compact, though most of the black anodised finish has gone.  It has 3 water nymphs - Ondines - decorating the lid, a full powder godet & a small Coty puff, which is obviously wrong. This is a British compact with a French name & thanks to Jenny's article in Issue 47, we are now lucky enough to know a lot more about these delightful compacts. I was really pleased to win this one as they don't come along very often.
A very nice little silvertone engine-turned Dhaussy compact with a metal sifter which you can't remove.  Instead, you have to remove the base of the compact to fill it, which is rather tricky & probably a nail-breaker.  It is fully marked on the base with the patent no. for 1923.
This goldtone ribbed compact by Flato has a lattice-work tortoise on the front. Beneath the 'body' is a grey/white stone, the type you put into a bowl or vase as decoration, and it is loose. However, it doesn't look as though it's ever been stuck down. There are no marks on the compact, inside or out, but a Flato-marked puff, which is a perfect fit and the compact is in fine condition. The compact was bought from Julia Briddock at Bracknell, 2010. I will be very pleased to hear from anyone who may have some knowledge of Flato compacts.
This is a beautiful blue enamel on silver compact by Gieves Ltd.  It has the crown of ships as a central motif and is marked Birmingham, 1929. It has a framed mirror and a gold wash inside, though there are  2 or 3 small dents to the base. I bought it from an auction house and took it to Bracknell.  I was very pleased to learn so much about this company in the wonderful book on enamel compacts.
A beautiful black enamel vanity case made in the USA by Mondaine with a lovely raised marcasite plaque and measuring 3" by 2".  Both puffs are present, as is the rouge, still with its impressed monogram, but there is no powder.  The mirror is a little cloudy.  It comes complete with its original box and label giving details of patents and refills priced at 50 cents.  This case is in superb condition and I bought it from Annette Dale at our convention in Bristol in 2008.
This lovely and unusual 2" compact is by Lylax - at least, the full godet of powder has this name impressed into it, though the case is not marked.  It doesn't look as though it's been used, though there is a tiny ding on the base, but apart from this minor flaw, it's in excellent condition.  Rather a nice abstract design in greens, gold and black and typical colours of the Art Deco period, though I do not know for sure when it was made.  I also bought this from Annette at the 2008 convention.
I love this little rouge compact by Beautibox - lovely Art Deco styling with a female Harlequin and only 1.5" in diameter.  There is still some rouge present - a rather vivid shade of red - and a small puff. There are several flakes of the blue enamel missing, so it's not in wonderful condition but still a lovely piece which I bought from Marcia Foster at the 2008 convention.
'The Lady with the Fan' - this superb artwork was used on the range of cosmetics, toiletries and perfumes made by the Girard et Cie Perfumery in Regent Street, London  known as 'Soireé'.  There is an advert, dated 1934, in Juliette's Compact Manual on Page 17, showing the complete range, only available at Boots.  This compact, which is empty, is unmarked, and measures 5 cms in diameter.  It has some damage but is quite a rare find.  I will be very pleased to hear from any member who has items in this range, or is willing to part with them.
A lovely Art Deco compact with a central rose design by Vivadou and marked 'Vrai' on the base.  The compact, which is in very good condition, is empty and measures 4.5 cms in diameter.
This is a super compact and mirror set by Regent of London, presented in a lovely shell-shaped case.  Both compact and mirror have lovely engraved edges with red tooled-leather tops in an oriental design.
Goldtone compact by Deere with a nice relief  nude looking into her mirror, and set within a triangle.  The logo is beneath.  Laura Mueller shows a similar  rouge compact and powder tin with a variation of this figure in a sitting position and facing to the right.  I think this must be 1930s era or thereabouts, but have no information on the company.
This is the Hollywood Glamour retro design on one of the new Vicci compacts shown in the May 2007 newsletter and which member Eileen Grierson brought to our attention. The compact is silvertone with a nice engine-turned base, white ribboned puff and plastic sifter and measures 3" in diameter. It is marked on the mirror, base, black pouch and box.  if anyone finds out any more information about these compacts, perhaps they would like to email me.
Elegant Avon compact for pressed powder in a ribbed design with a decorative flip-down fastening.  The marks are only from the camera as it is in excellent condition with a full powder pan and puff.  It is not marked 'Avon' but fortunately, Gerda sent a 1941 Avon catalogue page showing a complete gift set - see issue 30 - so I am very grateful to her.
A lovely American Beauty compact with gold circles and a knotted rope tie at the base.  It is a saddlebag shape, measuring 3" by 2.5", with a lovely pink puff and complete with original box.  The compact appears un-used.  I bought this from Carol Bates at our 2006 Convention.
This isn't a compact at all but a lovely powder box with such a beautiful Deco design that I had to show it.  The lid reads 'Pavana' and the label on the side reads 'Poudre Valdelis'.  I don't know anything about this company but would be pleased to hear from anyone who does and it would be lovely to find a matching compact.  The box measures 2.5" across and 0.75" deep and is in super condition.  It is full of powder and sealed.  I bought this recently from Gillian Horsup who has a lovely selection of vanity items at Grays Antique Market and a website at 

(See also Coty & Houbigant for the other 2 boxes).

This is a lovely compact by Cussons called 'Mists of the Moon' depicting 2 green birds flying through trees in the moonlight.  It contains a partly-used godet of powder and measures just under 2" in diameter.  Jenny Duncan tells me that Cussons made several powders under this name in beautifully-decorated boxes.  This design is printed beneath a celluloid cover.  It was probably made in the 30s or 40s and is in very nice condition.
A very Art Deco vanity by Foster, made of plastic resembling maple and edged with gold stepped edges and typical deco motif.  It has 3 compartments, all empty, but which would have contained powder, rouge and lipstick.  It measures just over 2.25" square and is in very good condition.
A tiny Art Deco compact by Divine with a silhouetted Japanese geisha holding a fan against a golden sun on a cream background.  There are lanterns in the top corners and a vase of flowers at the bottom left.  The compact has a flip-down catch, framed mirror but no sifter or puff.  It measures 1.75" by 1.25" and is in lovely condition.
A lovely heart compact with compartments for powder, rouge and lipstick  This compact is a Maxley, distributed by Kostler & Kopit, according to the label on the rouge and on the maker's mark on the powder lid.  The back is plain black and it is in excellent condition.
A pretty sunflower compact with a rust-coloured enamel back, marked Princess.  It has a bevelled mirror which is framed, sifter and puff.  Possibly the puff is not original and there is some slight loss to the enamel on the edges of the back.
Sweet little silvertone compact by Jaciel with a relief design of a butterfly resting on flowers.  Metal mirror, sifter and puff, though I suspect these are not original.  Measures 2" in diameter
I love this one because it is quite unusual.  Dark brown enamel with silver aeroplanes flying over the clouds and the sea, a WW11 compact.  It has a chrome mirror and dual compartments for powder and rouge, with both puffs.  There is some rouge left and the powder is intact.  In lovely condition.  I bought this in Camden Passage. Laura Mueller wrote to Pat Lloyd to tell me that it is a 'Glove Vanity' with no marks.  The powder had an embossed logo Le Chic USA.  
Unusual design on this lovely compact in silver and deep red enamel, showing two birds crossing in flight against a backdrop of palm trees.  Striped base, inner lid and sifter and measures 2.5" square.  Mike Hetherington has kindly written to me to tell that this compact is made by Vashe, in Kentucky in the early 1930s.  
This lovely vanity case is known as 'Swashbuckle' by Dorothy Gray with rouge, powder well with inner lid and signed puff and lipstick.  It is in excellent condition and I was very pleased to buy this from fellow member, Kate Strike, at our Bristol convention as it is one I've been wanting to add to my collection for a while.  In a 1947 Harper's Bazaar advert, this vanity is priced at $5.75 - see Page 304 of Laura Mueller's 1999 Values book.
Le Rage, English compact, with marked inner lid and puff.  Cream background with central panel of tiny leaves and flowers.  Quite a heavy compact and in very good condition.
Two-toned wooden case in maple veneer with a horse's head in relief.  A lovely and unusual compact made by Pilcher with inner lid, two signed puffs and a rather dilapidated box.  Super condition.  A similar compact is shown in Laura Mueller's guide (1999 Values) on Page 37.
Made in England, a Pygmalion ball-shaped compact with embossed flowers and foliage.  The mirror has been replaced and the sifter is fragile.  However the case is in lovely condition and it was very reasonably priced.
A delightful little compact by Djer-Kiss in a silverplated case depicting two kissing fairies amid foliage and flowers.  It has dual compartments for rouge and powder and a very neat metal sifter with a double-sided mirror.  This company was based in Paris, specializing in face powders and perfume.  (See Lynell Schwartz Pages 145/6).  
This fabulous French compact is made by Corona, Paris.  It has a beautifully worked relief design of two lovebirds on a vine, against a black background and an integral lipstick.  The sifter is also metal-bound.  It is in superb condition.  I bid for it on ebay and was delighted to find that it belonged to fellow-member, Margaret Lipitch,  The compact is in superb condition and I am very happy to have it in my collection.
Margaret Rose, Made in England, a glossy goldtone compact with circles and central marcasite motif.  In lovely condition, this is a modern compact for solid or loose powder and has its sifter. I gave this compact to my sister as it has her name inscribed on it.
A sweet little Revlon compact which is unused and has the powder and puff, still with the paper covering the powder.  Very dainty.  It is about the same size as the Estée Lauder which you can see further down this page. 
A beautiful dome-shaped compact by Leigh, this has a deep turquoise guilloche enameled lid on a goldtone body.  The mirror hinges back to reveal rouge and puff in the lid and powder in the base.  It seems to be unused, as the paper covering the solid powder is still in place. I bought this compact from Margaret Lipitch at our Slough convention and it is in superb condition.
Prince Matchabelli compact, made in the USA. In deep blue and gold edging with a central crown motif.  It has a wonderful sliding powder-dispensing mechanism and measures 1¾" by 2¼"  Bought from Brigitte at our convention in Slough.


Criss-cross design to this goldtone compact, made in the USA and marked Majestic, with inner lid and marked puff.  It also has its pouch and original box and is in excellent condition.
This is a super, butterfly-shaped Art Deco compact in green and gold and in wonderful condition.  It is marked 'Colibrette' Foreign, and I wonder if it is made by Colibri.  Does anybody know?
Agme - Made in Switzerland. A lovely slim compact in goldtone with a spreading sun-ray design. I have an Agme vanity case which you can see on the Vanity Cases page.
Brelet - This is French. A really lovely compact with an embossed flower design, each flower studded with a different coloured stone. The reverse is also embossed with a leaf design. The interior has a particularly unusual sifter and lovely surround to the mirror.

Click on picture for inside view

Colibri - Well-known for the manufacture of cigarette lighters. This is a superb compact in brilliant red enamel with an embossed gold edging and central cartouche. Bought at our convention in November 1998 from Angela Cheetham-Wilkinson who has a stunning collection.
'Elfin' Duplex with patent number. In yellow and green enamel, with a lady in a crinoline with her dog - a greyhound I think. Some of the enamel is missing. However, this is a most unusual compact as the lid slides back and the mirror lifts up to reveal the compact. The top lid opens to reveal a cigarette case. 
This is very similar in size and design to the Houbigant  flower basket vanity.  Unusual octagonal shape with central Art Deco motif on a brass case, opening into two compartments for powder and rouge. Charlene Arcidiacono, from whom I recently bought a compact has said that it  looks like "Seventeen" (Maison Jeurelle) 1930 "gun metal beveled octagon case, Art Deco flora under plastic, no case id" (Laura Mueller's COMPACTS VOL.II Page 82,83).
My favourite compact, this is French I believe and is called Pirouette. It has a beautifully worked petit-point lid of flowers and foliage on a dark brown enamel case. It is very unusual as the lid hinges on a ball and socket and pivots 360 degrees. An open view of this compact can be seen on each page heading. A wonderful gift from my partner.
Sternmil - Made in England. Nicely made in tortoiseshell-effect with chrome interior. Bought at a charity shop in Clifton, Bristol.  Lovely condition.