Probably the most well-known make of British compact, the Stratton company began production in 1923.  Stratton produced a huge range of different shapes and sizes of compact, each with its own name identifying the design. The company was sold in 1997 and is now owned by Firmin & Sons PLC with Fred Hsu as its Chief Executive.  The company have recently produced the commemorative Golden Jubilee compact, the Queen Mother compact and some delightful ballet compacts.  

Juliette Edwards has now published her new book, 'The Stratton Key'.  This is a brilliant guide for identifying Stratton compacts.  Jenny Duncan has published her book on Stratton's ballet range which is superb.  Both these books are highly recommended for any collector.  Please contact Juliette and Jenny for further details.

A goldtone Princess convertible in a 'snakeskin' pattern with sifter, paper insert & a puff marked 'Jacquelle'.  In very nice condition & complete with its pouch & box, I bought this from a man at a car-boot sale this summer (2013) for 2.50.  Lovely!
Beautiful blue ground to this Princess and decorated with delicate roses and a fancy gold decoration at the edge.  The sifter is present but the inner lid is badly marked or stained - it looks quite dark.  But the case itself is very pretty and in excellent condition
A lovely Princess with a beautiful iris on a central pearl disc.  It is complete with marked puff and sifter.  The inner lid was missing when I bought it but this has now been replaced by the marvellous Geoff Craven.
This is a Grosvenor lipstick compact and quite rare according to Juliette, as it was only made in 1958.  It is exactly the same shape and size as the Musica but with the lipstick where the musical movement would be.  It is complete with sifter, puff and labels and appears to be unused.
This is a super silvertone Art Deco self-compressing Cushion compact with a lovely sunray design to the lid.   It is in immaculate condition with an unused puff and looks so much brighter than my picture shows. 
Lovely transfer print of the Imperial Crown and obviously made for the Coronation in 1953.  It seems to be a Rondette model, though according to Juliette, this model wasn't made until 1957.  It has an inner lid, measures 73 cms but no sifter or puff.  I bought it for a song in an antiques shop in Cardigan.
A beautiful Empress with an enamel and marcasite gazelle decoration.  An unusual compact which seems hardly used, though there is some scratching to the lid and some small rubbing around the gazelle itself.  It is complete with puff, sifter and the label on the mirror.
This is a very nice 'Raymoloid' compact with a celluloid lid impressed to imitate guilloche enamel.  This one is decorated with a display of poppies and is in very nice condition.  'Hill Bros Raymoloid' is impressed into the lid.  This compact has a very pretty older-style puff showing a lady in a crinoline standing beside a small tree.
Lovely engine-turned pattern of fine curved rays spreading out from the central marcasite flower basket on this Princess compact.  Complete with sifter and puff and appears to have had little use.  However, there was some heavy staining on the back, but the lovely Geoff Craven has magically restored it to its former glory!
Princess compact in the lovely 'Jewel' pattern on a dark blue ground.  This pattern comes in several colours and I have the comb but in a turquoise case, so if anyone has the matching compact for sale I would be very pleased to hear from them.  This compact is in very good condition complete with sifter.
Royale compact with a pretty dainty pattern on a cream ground.  I don't know the name of this pattern.  In very good condition but no sifter.
Lovely pattern of pinks, leaves and grasses on this Princess.  In excellent condition complete with sifter.  I haven't seen this pattern before.
A delightful seagulls compact, transfer-printed, in mint condition and complete with pouch and box.
This Empress, in the cream 'Jewel' pattern has never been used and is complete with sifter and puff.  Unfortunately, the lipstick case has been slightly marked and shows on the front.
Transfer-printed design of ballet dancers in various poses.  No sifter or puff and lifting of lacquer, especially to white dress at the top.  This is often a problem with transfer-printed compacts.  However, it's a pretty compact in otherwise nice condition and was a charity shop buy.
This nice goldtone compact has bands of wavy lines to complement the two applied seahorses.  It has an inner lid, signed puff and sifter and measures 2.5" by 2".  In very good condition and rather cute.  
Regency-style compact with beautiful embroidered centre panel on silk. It has a lovely embossed edge of scrolls and roses and unusually, the inside has the same design.  The back has the curled feathers design. Over the years the compact has patinated and rubbed, which gives it an old gold colour, whereas the inside is much brighter.  It contains its puff, sifter and original label on the mirror and was made in the 1950s to 60s.
Lovely black compact on a goldtone base with a scalloped design to the outer rim and decorated with a bronze and gold orchid.  This convertible has a gauze and puff, which is a little fragile, and is in excellent condition. Measures 3.25" in diameter.
Very well-known Princess with portrait of Nadia Nerina by Baron.  No sifter or puff but in excellent condition. This compact is shown on P.35 of Juliette's Miller's Guide. Fellow-member, Jenny Duncan, is an expert on ballet and collects ballet compacts.  Please click on the website address for more information.
This gold striped Royale is in super condition.  It is complete with unused sifter and puff and has a cartouche for initials.
This is the Millennium compact commissioned for the Society in silvertone with the BCCS logo at the centre. The compact is one of 200, and has its authenticated, numbered certificate, pouch and box.  Now in the year 3000, it might be worth a bob or two, but for now, it is priced at 20.00.  There are a few left so please contact Juliette Edwards.
My partner bought me the mirror and lipstick holder, and I asked if anyone had seen the matching compact.  I was so lucky to hear from fellow member, Myra Corr, who very kindly sold me the matching compact to make up the complete set.  It is obviously very modern but a very pretty design. 
A wonderful Art Deco set in green enamel with silver banding, presented in the original `snakeskin' case.  It comprises a non-spill compact  with its special puff and matching cigarette case, made around 1935.  It was bought in Edinburgh last year as a birthday gift.  Aren't I lucky?

Click on the picture for inside views.

Pretty convertible compact with white and peach flowers on a dark blue background.  Very slight `dink' on the lid but otherwise in lovely condition.
A brushed goldtone compact, about 3" in diameter showing a horse's head.  Could it be Red Rum I wonder?  Inner lid, sifter, original label on the mirror and paper label inside, this is a lovely compact in excellent condition.


Very modern compact for solid powder in blue enamel with a gold central star, this has a slit in the back to remove the refill.  Lovely condition .
Quite large Stratton convertible. Black background criss-crossed with gold leaves. Bought from Juliette Edwards. Excellent condition.
This design is known as a Punt. in cream enamel with a central butterfly motif. Made around 1938. This compact was a swap with Juliette for the punt which I had, depicting a galleon.
Well-designed tortoiseshell effect `Empress', incorporating a lipstick which lifts when the case is opened.
This is where it all began! A Stratton Fob, designed to resemble a fob-watch which opens by pushing in the 'winder'. Often, the strap is missing. This was the very first compact I bought, before I'd even considered collecting. I bought it at a church sale for the princely sum of 20 pence! My best bargain to date!
A `Petite' design in dark green enamel with a marbled effect.
A `Miraclean' compact. When opened, a bar moves down the mirror, removing any excess powder before use. Clever engineering.
`Princess' design with a floral basket set within a green surround on a white background. A gift from a friend.
Brand new and present-day design. This pattern is called Wedding Bouquet, soft pink flowers on a white background. This is Stratton's most popular modern design and the most produced. Another gift.
Convertible in sage green enamel with white roses & foliage design.
Goldtone in ribbed design with inner lid. In excellent condition and another charity shop buy.
`Wafer' compact, rectangular with gold and bronze floral design on a cream background. Curled feathers design to the back. No sifter or puff and small chip to one corner of the mirror.
'Queen' convertible  goldtone case with green Wedgwood cameo lid, made around 1956.The picture on the right shows a close-up of the design.  In excellent condition and complete with pouch, this was a Christmas gift from my partner.
`Royale' red enamelled background with pink and yellow rose design.  Made around 1960.  There are some scratches on the lid and unfortunately, the mirror is cracked..
`Empress' in goldtone, with an embossed edging and the initials MCB.  I wonder who she is?  Good condition but the inner lipstick case is missing.
Convertible, white background with blue rose design.  No sifter or puff. Very modern.
Goldtone with very 60's style flower design and nylon sifter.

This compact is no longer in my collection as it has now been sold.