This German company began manufacturing in the 1930's.  Their compacts are well-made and often have beautifully embroidered centres as these  shown below.

Lovely bright pink and lavender embroidered flowers on this black 10-sided compact, which is complete with puff and sifter. In very good condition & measures 3" by 2.75".  The pattern is identical to the blue compact below, but because it is on a black background, it looks much more vibrant.
Saddleback style in cream enamel with central embroidered panel, this compact has its puff and sifter and measures 2.5" by 2".  A similar compact is shown in Laura Mueller's Guide (1999 Values) on Page 38.
Very pretty 10-sided compact in pale blue enamel with central panel of embroidered pink flowers on a cream background.  Complete with sifter and puff, but has some very slight damage to the enamel.