Richard Hudnut
This American compact manufacturer was extremely popular and produced some stunning compacts and vanity cases.  They also owned the Dubarry company which made cosmetics and especially fine face powders as well as their own branded compacts.
A lovely relief pattern of gold flowers and foliage on a turquoise ground, this vanity contains powder, rouge and lipstick.  The rouge remains intact and both puffs are present.  it measures 3.25" by 2.25" and is in excellent condition. Bought from Carol Bates at our 2006 Convention in Bristol.  Its pattern is identical to the black and gold vanity shown below, apart from a small cartouche at the base.
Deep red enamel with raised gold design on this neat vanity case.  Original rouge is still present with both puffs.  The case is identical in design to the vanities shown above and below, but not in very good condition as parts of the red enamel have worn away. 
A lovely Art Deco octagonal vanity on a silvertone base, cream enamel lid with stylized blue leaves and central silver cartouche.  Metal flip-top mirror with rouge beneath and powder compartment.  This was a gift, bought from friend and fellow member, Jan West at our convention in Bristol.  In wonderful condition. A similar compact is shown on Page 21 of Laura Mueller's 1999 Values book.
Very well-known 'Tulip' vanity with integral lipstick, rouge and powder with inner lid.  Both signed puffs are present, but the small clip to hold the powder puff is missing.  The rouge is a shade of shocking pink!  It's a lovely compact, in very good condition and I bought this at the Bristol convention.  It is shown In Laura Mueller's 1999 Values book, on Page 101.
A lovely  vanity case with a raised design of flowers and leaves in gold on a black enamel background.  The case contains compartments for powder, rouge and a slim lipstick.  Some fogging to the mirror and spotting inside the case but overall in very nice condition.  A very similar case can be seen in Laura Mueller's book (1999 Values) on Page 100.