Rex Fifth Avenue
This is another of the many wonderful American companies that made delightful compacts.   
This is a very large compact, measuring 4" in diameter, and is complete with sifter and marked puff.  A lovely design of raised  gold flowers on a dark blue base and in nice condition.
This petit-point compact is 3.5" in diameter and has a clip-down fastener.  The puff is marked Rex Fifth Avenue, but the compact is only marked 'Made in USA'.  It is unusual in that it has 3 mirrors - the base of the interior and the reverse side are mirrored as well as the usual mirror in the lid.
Beautifully made with a design of acorns and leaves in gold on a black background and goldtone ribbed design on the back.  Inner lid and marked puff.  In lovely condition, this was a Christmas present from my partner.
Red enamel case with relief of gold leaves. A lovely case and in very good condition.