Powder Boxes

I thought it would be nice to include my small collection of powder boxes as many of them are so beautifully decorated with lovely artwork.  Sadly, we shall probably never know these artists, with the exception of René Lalique, whose wonderful Art Deco design has graced many a dressing-table.

This stunning box is f rom F. Milot, a Parfumeur in Paris & the sealed box contains powder scented with Crépe De Chine perfume.  It has a nude with a fawn at the centre, surrounded by leaping fawns & leaves.  The cellophane cover inside is also printed with this design in gold. The box is 5.5cms in diameter & 2 cms deep & is in excellent condition.  I bought it from Kate Strike at Bracknell 2013.
Ashes of Roses powder in this sweet little Art Deco-designed box, by Bourjois. It is a little fragile. Only 4 cms in diameter, the colour is 'Mandarine', & inside is a solid powder in bright orange! For that fake-tan look! Ashes of Roses always sounded so exotic.
A much larger box, 7 cms in diameter & 3.5 cms deep, this is Poudre de Riz in 'Naturelle'.  It has a lovely blue flower design set on a black & gold background. There is no other wording on the box, but it is obviously intended to be French in origin. Very nice condition & with sealed contents.
The name on this stunning box translates as 'Multsema'.  It is Bulgarian, so rather unusual.  The reverse reads 'Fine toilet powder "Julieta". Made in all fashionable colours'. The cellophane seal has come away but it is full of a very white powder & measures 5.5cms in diameter & 2 cms deep. In super condition. I love the lady & poppy design & wonder if somewhere, there is a matching compact?. 
This is a lovely powder box with such a beautiful Deco design. The lid reads 'Pavana' and the label on the side reads 'Poudre Valdelis'.  I don't know anything about this company but would be pleased to hear from anyone who does and it would be lovely to find a matching compact.  The box measures 2.5" across and 0.75" deep and is in super condition.  It is full of powder and sealed.  I bought this recently from Gillian Horsup who has a lovely selection of vanity items at Grays Antique Market and a website at www.gillianhorsup.com
I've always loved this Lalique-designed powder box because I can remember my Mother having one on her dressing table.  The box measures 3.5" in diameter and 1.5" deep.  The box, which measures 3.5" across and 1.5" deep, is full of powder and sealed. The lid has a thin plastic cover and this has preserved its fine condition.  The base reads "Air Spun" Face Powder, L'Origan, Tamale and a small sticker which reads 'Compounded in U.S.A.'
This is a beautiful powder box which has a matching compact vanity.  It measures 2.25" across and 0.75" deep.  The box is full of powder and sealed and there is a very pretty sticker on the seal which reads 'Quelques Fleurs houbigant France'. There is some damage to the base paper where someone has carelessly torn off a sticker, but otherwise, it is in super condition.  I bought this box from Gillian Horsup at Grays Antique Market.