Max Factor
Probably the most influential and innovative cosmetics genius, Max Factor, a Russian immigrant, became the cosmetic artist to Hollywood movie stars, winning many Academy awards.  He revolutionised the cosmetics industry by making these same cosmetics available to all women and producing fine compacts, lipstick cases and vanity cases to contain them.
Goldtone embossed case with a relief cameo on a black centre.  There is a full godet of powder and marked puff, though the compact itself isn't marked.  The long chain is finer than the one on the compact shown below, but it is rather too heavy to wear round the neck.  Lovely condition.
A lovely goldtone compact, showing 4 fish in relief and a green cabochon stone at the centre and Greek key design round the edge. It is not signed but has a signed puff and an unused godet of powder and is quite heavy.  It is shown in Roselyn Gerson's 2nd edition book on Page 41.
This is a super little Max Factor compact on a long chain and is designed as a fob-watch.  It is  matt goldtone and highly decorative with leaves and flowers surrounding a bird on a branch. The Max Factor cartouche is just above the mirror and the powder godet is intact.  I don't know when it was made, possibly in the 60's.  
This is not a powder compact, but held Lip Pomade. It has a mirror and is about 1" in diameter.