These compacts were made by A.S.Brown & Co. who took over the Kigu company when the founder died.  They made a large range of good quality compacts including many commemorative items.  The company was eventually taken over by Laughton & Sons who made Stratton compacts. Mascot compacts do not always carry the name, but instead show an unnamed crown trademark.
This compact is marked 'Mascot' with 'ASB' in a circle on the inner lid.  It measures 3" in diameter and has its sifter.  Lovely flower design on a cream base, but when you look closely, you see that all the flowers and foliage are made of tiny beads.  I bought this from Valerie Spencer at our 2006 Convention.
Goldtone with a raised central design encrusted with deep blue and turquoise stones of varying shapes and sizes.  On the base is a cartouche bearing the crown symbol and a hole to push out the sold powder refill.  Measures 3" in diameter and in very good condition.
This compact has an inner lid showing a different trademark.  This is a crown above an inverted triangle, rather like the Kigu triangle, but with an incised 'M' and some swirly bits.  The lid shows a pagoda or temple, in mother-of-pearl on a black background and a fluted edge to the goldtone case.  This also measures 3" in diameter.  The compact is complete with its original satin-lined box.