Langlois was a French cosmetic house, manufacturing powders and rouges.  Like Houbigant, they use the flower basket motif on many of their compacts and vanities which are often dainty in size. 
This is a fabulous Duska Langlois vanity in red enamel with a wonderful overlaid golden fountain and flowers.  It has a central flip-up mirror, powder and rouge, still covered by their original papers and two lovely red and gold puffs to complement the case. It measures 2" in diameter and is in mint condition.  There is a beautiful powder box in this same design.
Lovely silver and blue Langlois Cara Nome vanity, measuring just under 2" square.  Both puffs are present as is the rouge and powder.  There is a chrome lift-up mirror beneath the lid covering the rouge compartment.  It is signed just beneath the catch and is in very good condition. The same compact was made with a yellow centre.