These three Art Deco compacts are American I believe, though they have a very French name.  I have found several examples in Laura Mueller's book of 1999 Values but I know little about the company.  The Blue Rose motif is used on several of their compacts

This compact has dual compartments for a pressed powder pan and rouge and is stamped  'Flair'.  A goldtone case, black lid with gold swirls and a central panel of a red weeping tree. Most of the powder has gone but the rouge is intact.  I bought the 3 compacts which were sold as a set on ebay.   Beautiful condition.
Silvertone background with blue intaglio roses and shading.  Signed 'Blue Rose', this compact features on Page 75 of Laura's book.  About 2" square with cut-out corners.  Lovely condition.
This case is even smaller, about 1.5" square, again with the cut-out corners, in a very shiny goldtone (hence the shadow on the photograph) with the blue rose motif in the left-hand corner and signed 'Blue Rose' on the back.  It has a small 'ding' on the lid.