These British compacts are high quality and beautifully made. The founder, Gustav Kiashek, transposed the first two letters of his own name to provide the company name. Many wonderful designs were produced, including the famous 'Flying Saucer' which is quite exquisite and very expensive. Unfortunately, I don't have one, but I know a lady who does!

David Kiashek, grandson of the founder, has now set up a website, including the Hungarian compacts which were made before WW11. Click here to visit this wonderful website, full of photographs of the most stunning compacts for you to drool over!  

Golden Flying Saucer compact, approx 8 cms in diameter & a wonderful gift bought at our Bracknell convention (2013).  In excellent condition & complete with sifter. I am so thrilled to have one at last.
A lovely glossy black enamel compact with a silver deer and 2 palm trees embedded with green stones.  There were 3 stones missing but they have been very well-replaced.  The compact measures 3" square.  It has marks on the back and some scratches and a tiny ding on the front, but I love the design.
A very sweet basket compact with delicate pink roses beneath the perspex.  There is no sifter of puff. This is in excellent condition.
Cream with a gold swirly design, this lovely compact measures 2.75" in diameter.  It has a sifter but no puff and is complete with pouch and box and is in perfect condition.
A very unusual goldtone compact showing a central clock surrounded by various motifs such as St George slaying the dragon, the North Wind, an owl, a winged monk, a cockerel and flowers.  Around the edge are the words:  'Take heed and see ye nothing do in vain.  No minute gone comes ever back again'.  How very true!  This is a solid powder compact, measuring just over 3" in diameter.
This lovely compact is marked 'Karette'. As you can see, it is a very glittery little number!  The lid is covered in rhinestones, all 144 of them!  The compact has a push-in clasp to open the inner door and measures 2.25" square.  In lovely condition.  Very difficult to photograph as the stones look coloured here and there. I don't usually go for glitz, but this one has every stone present and it is a Kigu after all!
A lovely vanity case containing a powder compact, cigarette case and lipstick in goldtone with an embossed flower border and cartouche.  The clasp holding the snake-chain on the left side is missing and I have been unable to have it replaced.  Otherwise, it is in excellent condition and a nice example.
This is a modern Kigu, holding solid powder, but in lovely condition with a mother-of-pearl lid.  The Kigu name is just beneath the hinge on the compact rim.
idx00319.jpg (1809 bytes) Blue enamel with gold stripes.  Marked 'Made in Hungary' and therefore rare as it would have been a luxury item for women. Bought from Juliette Edwards. At our Slough convention I was delighted to meet David Kiashek who confirmed that this is a Kigu compact from the late 1930's, although it does not carry the Kigu name.
This heart-shaped compact is known as 'Cherie', in goldtone sunburst design. I bought this at a flea market and it is in beautiful condition.
A modern compact with a design of playing cards, this compact holds loose or solid powder. My daughter bought this for me from a charity shop complete with its original pouch and box.
This one is beautifully made with lovely engine-turned designs to front and back. A very neat compact which sits beautifully in the hand.
Another lovely goldtone with circles and sunray pattern, and the same size as the one above.  This one belongs to my daughter and she bought it in a charity shop. Oh what gems you can find in charity shops, but this was quite a while ago but always worth having a look.
A lovely embroidered lid under a plastic cover.  This is also my daughter's which she bought at the Slough convention in 1998.
This is a very special compact, which I bought from Chris George. It is musical and the case is in deep blue enamel with a Wedgwood cameo at the centre. Lovely!
A goldtone case with a design of embossed flowers and a push-in clasp to open the inner door.  This is the same size and style as the rhinestone compact at the top of the page, and is also marked 'Karette'.  Again, in lovely condition.  I bought this at an antiques fair in Harrow.
Quite a heavy compact, goldtone with a ribbed design & central cartouche for initials. Another charity shop buy .
A goldtone compact with pink and white flowers on the lid. The inner lid is marked 'Mimosa Regd', but beneath that is a cream plastic interior marked 'Kigu'. A. Brown period, says Juliette, & not the usual high quality, nor does it have the Kigu triangle trademark.
Cream background with pink central flowers & silvertone back, complete with pouch, box & sifter. Some slight scratches on the lid.
Goldtone with a domed perspex centre beneath which is a 3-D flower design. This is a very similar design to my Melissa compact. In lovely condition and yet another bargain from a charity shop.
Goldtone with black outer rim and overall star design, again in lovely condition.  Another neat little compact with a beautiful finish.
This modern convertible souvenir compact was made to commemorate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.  It shows Buckingham Palace and the Albert Memorial, with their names and date in gold lettering around the outside.  This is not a good quality compact and I only bought it for its social history.