This very well-known French company manufactured fine cosmetics and perfumes as well as beautiful compacts and the flower basket motif on their powder boxes, perfumes and compacts became synonymous with their name.
This is quite an unusual compact, as I'm not sure what the lid is actually made of - it looks a sort of putty colour with the flowers as a raised motif and decorated with coloured stones.  It has a nicely-worked edge and base, but I think at some time, some 'material' has been applied.  It has a marked puff and godet of powder inside, also marked on the base and measures barely 2" in diameter.  I bought this from Julia Briddock at Bracknell in 2010.
This is a beautiful powder box which matches the vanity shown below.  It measures 2.25" across and 0.75" deep.  The box is full of powder and sealed and there is a very pretty sticker on the seal which reads 'Quelques Fleurs houbigant France'. There is some damage to the base paper where someone has carelessly torn off a sticker, but otherwise, it is in super condition.  I recently bought this box from Gillian Horsup at Grays Antique Market.  She has a lovely selection of vanity items and a website at www.gillianhorsup.com 

(See also Coty & Various for the other 2 boxes).

This delightful vanity is known to all collectors, and I bought this from my friend and fellow member Myra Corr.  Very similar to the one featured in Juliette's book, Page 9, except that here, the mirror is central.  It has both puffs and is in superb condition.  Made n the 1930s.
Neat Art Deco vanity case with a clip fastening, containing powder and rouge.  Long octagonal shape and geometric engine-turned pattern.  The powder is missing and there is no puff but the rouge is intact.  The mirror has a small chip.  This was a gift from a friend.  This vanity was advertised in 1931, priced at $1.75.