Gwenda compacts are very easy to recognise by their distinctive construction and thumb-catches which are usually scalloped. The company began producing in the 1930's. and the lids are often beautifully decorated on foil or butterfly-wing backgrounds. (I also have a rather nice Gwenda cigarette case which you can see on a separate page just by clicking on.)
A rather nice deep red marbled case and with a silver thistle and black base, this compact measure 2.5" square.  It has a metal-edged sifter and a rather nice tartan puff.  It came in a pink & white spotted leather case with a tartan lining, though I don't think the case is original.  In nice condition with a couple of marks on the lid, and a bit unusual - perhaps a souvenir compact.
This is a lovely little compact, showing a Spanish lady dancing beside a fountain.  Made around 1938 I think.  It has a green back instead of the more usual black.  A bit more pricey than the one shown below!  This year's birthday present.  Lovely!
The lid shows two ladies in crinoline dresses, worked in foil on a green, gold and black background. My partner found this one for me at Bristol Antiques Fair.