This American company produced some stunning compact designs as well as beautiful mesh vanity purses, alongside other companies such as Whiting & Davis, Bliss/Napier and Foster Brothers.
A lovely guilloche enamel in a pale yellow forms the lid of this goldtone compact.  It measures 2.5" in diameter and has a label on the mirror which reads 'Hand-painted enamel cover by Evans'.  There is no sifter or puff.  Lovely condition.
This is a lovely compact where the lid has been made to resemble a rose whose petals slightly overlap the edge of the compact.  This compact has a mesh base like the one below, measures 2.5" in diameter and is in very nice condition.
This delightful compact has an embroidered lid and embossed outer frame with a mesh base.  The inside is made of white kid leather. In lovely condition.
This goldtone compact has a sunburst design with inset of tiny red stones and a beautifully-worked basket-type sifter. Bought from Chris George at our first group meeting in Liskeard. In superb condition.