Elgin American

This company, who acquired their name from their location in Elgin, Illinois, made stunning compacts, as did many other American companies. One of their most fabulous, designed by the painter Salvador Dali, is the 'Bird-In-Hand'.  Regrettably, I do not have one, but there are many excellent photographs in some of the books I have listed.  

A charming chrome vanity case with carrying chain and small guilloche panel with a rose design.  Inside there is a wheel-type powder sifter mechanism, a space for lipstick and rouge, both missing.  The inside has a nicely-worked flower design and an edged mirror.  The vanity is marked Elginite EAM,  
This design is known as 'Spearhead' and similar compacts appear in both Lynell Schwartz's and Roslyn Gerson's books.  This is in black and gold art deco with dual compartments for powder and rouge, no puff or sifter, marked inner lid and the rouge is still intact.  I just love the shape of this compact.  I bought this in Camden Passage in London. 
This lovely compact is called 'American Beauty' and has a wonderful Art Deco design in gold relief of two leaping gazelles, leaves and a star.  It is not quite square as the sides curve slightly. It is in excellent condition.  I do have a liking for black and gold compacts and this one is a favourite.  I have seen this same compact with a matt goldtone background, but I think the black is more striking.
This compact has a lovely shape and is in black enamel with a heavy scrolled design of gold leaves and flowers.  In very good condition.  
A lovely neat, slim compact in brushed goldtone with a four-leafed clover in the bottom corner.  In superb condition complete with its yellow, marked pouch, 
Lovely teardrop-shaped compact with centre of white enamel with pink rose and compartments for powder and rouge. Bought at Alfie's Market off Edgware Road in London. 
A very elegant Art Deco compact with two compartments for powder and rouge, in cream enamel and gold borders with cut-off corners. In superb condition.