I have recently started to collect elephant compacts so this is quite a small collection at the moment.  Some are anonymous and others by particular manufacturers. Marinello seems to be a particularly good source. Elephant compacts are quite hard to come by so if anyone has one they would like to sell, or they spot one on ebay, perhaps you would like to email me:

A nicely-worked surround to the central elephant on this Bakelite compact, so probably 1930s. There are 2 small cracks inside but this is inevitable.  It measures 6 x 7 cms & is quite solid.  Obviously the cream Bakelite is meant to resemble ivory, but I can't bring myself to buy ivory compacts.  
Lovely matt gold-tone elephant in high relief from the animal series of 1996-7 by Estée Lauder.  I've waited a long time to get this compact which measures almost 2.5"x2".  It is in mint condition complete with powder, puff, pouch, slip, box and outer sleeve. 
A bright, shiny chrome compact, 2.25" square with cut-off corners, showing a blue elephant balancing on a black ball.  There are compartments for powder and rouge, though both are empty and no puff.  It is in excellent condition though difficult to photograph.
A very unusual  French faux-tortoiseshell compact with a lovely worked design of birds, foliage and a central elephant but a little difficult to photograph.  It is marked Henry a la Pensee and measures 3" square.  The compact is empty and there is no catch - the lid just presses down to close.  Fellow-member Pat Lloyd very kindly sold me this compact.
A very decorative sterling silver compact, possibly Indian or Siamese, showing a high relief scene of a man beside an elephant with his house, tree and plants in the background.  There is a banner-type cartouche for initials and inside, a metal-edged sifter.  This is quite a heavy compact, measuring almost 3" in diameter and is in very good condition.
Volupté compact with a very decorative applied elephant wearing a purple and gold coat embedded with alternating purple and deep pink stones and a little diamanté eye.  It measures 6cms square, has an inner lid and felt-edged powder well.  The case has a sun-ray design to the lid with a cartouche at the base.  Rather cute and in very good condition.
Silvertone case with a green elephant on a black circle.  Pretty little twist-catch, contains sifter and foam puff and measures 3" in diameter.
Nice little white elephant with gold highlights and green coat.  The compact is brass, measures just under 2" in diameter and has no puff.  No maker's name. In very good condition.
A delightful little unmarked compact in a pale green enamel with a black elephant edged in gold.  The compact has a lovely sifter and is in excellent condition.  It measures 2" in diameter.
This photo does not do justice to this lovely compact which shows a beautiful dressed elephant.  The back is plain silver and inside it is marked 'Haiphong'. Difficult to photograph without a reflection.  It measures 2.5" in diameter and is in super condition.  I bought this compact from fellow-member Sue Wilde. 
This is a solid perfume compact, made by Revlon and containing 'Moon Drops' perfume.  It measures 2.25" from the ring to the base and I assume that you could wear it on a chain. This comes into the 'cute' category but I couldn't resist it.  The label is on the back and the perfume is unused.
This compact is French with a  bevelled mirror and nicely-edged sifter. The green enamel has been etched away to reveal the elephant and the palm tree.   It measures 3.25" by 2.75".  There are several spots on the front  and a fair amount of damage to the enamel on the back.
A faux tortoiseshell compact with an engraved elephant.  The body is filled with small, faceted stones, so it is difficult to see the head and tail on this photo.  It is stamped 'Made in France' in the base and measures 3" in diameter.
A Marinello saddlebag-style vanity with a golden elephant within a green enamel circle.  The mirror is on a swivel covering the rouge compartment and there is a small lipstick.  It has the sunburst design to both sides and is just under 2.5" in length.  In lovely condition.
This compact and lipstick set in a nice red case is made by Zell Fifth Avenue.  The elephant has a large pearl body, a red eye and is holding a blue ball.  A stone from the top of its ear is missing.  The inner lid of the goldtone compact is engraved with acanthus leaves and it contains its marked puff.  The case has no other markings and there is some wear to the exposed areas of the case and the lipstick.
A sweet little Marinello compact in goldtone showing elephants and palm trees to both sides.  It is the same design as the Faberge shown below.  The case is empty and is rubbed on the back.  It measures 1.25" by 1.75" and is marked on the top rim of the mirror.
A great Marinello vanity with the same design as the one below.  This one has a flip-up mirror beneath which is an empty powder godet and the rouge, which is intact, is housed in the lid. It measures 2" in diameter. I bought this from fellow-member Christine Valentine at our Cheltenham convention. 
A white and gold 3" diameter compact with inner lid, British made, showing an all-over design of lucky charms - horseshoes, boots, black cats, No.7s, shamrocks, hearts, bells and of course, elephants!  Bought from fellow-member Ann Burn at our Cheltenham convention.
A turquoise Marinello vanity, identical in shape and size to the blue one below, and also bought at our Cheltenham convention from fellow-member Irene MacGregor.  Both rouge and powder compartments are empty and there are no puffs.  Didn't I do well at Cheltenham!!
Beautiful Siamese silver compact showing 2 warring elephants and warriors.  It has a very intricately worked niello pattern on the reverse of a man chasing a woman.  This compact is very similar in design to the one shown below, has an inner lid and measures 2.5" in diameter.  In excellent condition.
Deep blue enamel with a darker blue circle showing a silver dancing elephant.  This is a Stratton compact with sifter and marked puff and is in excellent condition.  It measures 3" in diameter.
This is a wonderful Siamese silver compact, showing an elephant on one side and a lovely pagoda scene on the reverse. 2.25" in diameter. It is stamped Sterling Siam on the inner lid and is in super condition.
A Fabergé compact, showing elephants and palm tress on both sides.  Some of the powder remains and the original label is inside the case. The sides are 2.75" and it is in very good condition.
A tiny rouge compact in turquoise enamel with a golden elephant head.  It measures 1.5" in diameter and the rouge is intact in a dark red shade!  There is a label on the back which reads 'Rouge No. 1 Irene Lester',  but I have no idea who made the compact.  Bought from fellow-member Mary Baker.
 I was lucky enough to find the matching powder box at our 2006 Convention.  It measures 3" in diameter and 1.5" deep with the 'Irene' label on the base.  There are a few scratches to the lid and the box is empty.
This is a delightful little Marinello vanity, only 1.5" long by 1.25" wide. It is in a dark goldtone with a blue surround showing groups of elephants and trees in each corner.  The compact is signed on the back of the mirror, both puffs are present, the powder puff signed across the ribbon.  The powder, rouge and puffs are unused and the papers are still present and intact.  The case itself is quite tarnished but I love it.
Felix bought this one for me at the Bristol convention from Jan West, when I wasn't looking and I love it!  It has a deep turquoise lid and base with an elephant on the lid.  The elephant has a tiny silver star on his back. It is complete with sifter and silk-edged puff. Measures 1.75" in diameter. A delightful little compact and in excellent condition.
This is a delightful enamel and silver compact showing 3 elephants in a rather modern design.  The white one has a red eye.  The picture on the right shows the shield on the back which is numbered 1892 but I can't determine what is written on the banner - it may be Russian.  I bought this for my daughter, who loves elephants, at the Slough convention in 1998 from Angela Cheetham-Wilkinson.  It had no mirror so I had this replaced while we were there. It is slightly domed and measures 2.25" in diameter.
Lovely Siamese silver compact depicting a Hindu god sitting astride the 3-headed elephant 'Erawan'.  Beautiful niello work to front and back, this compact measures 2.75" in diameter and is in excellent condition. I am very grateful to Carole Eastwood for this information in her wonderful article in the June 2001 Newsletter on Siamese Nielloware.
Sweet little black enamel compact with a gold elephant head, similar to the one above, but deeper and with the trunk pointing left.  It has an almost full godet of powder, a stitched puff and measures 1.5" in diameter.  On the back it is inscribed' Compact powder Eastern Foam'.  Very good condition and another purchase from Mary Baker.