Coty produced face powders, imported from France, as well as some delightful compacts including butterfly-wing and foil-backed designs.  They also produced wonderful novelty compacts such as their famous `Sleigh Bells' and `Buckle' but these compacts were made mainly for the American market.

Pretty design of lily-of-the-valley flowers, ribbons and leaves on a pink ground on this little compact which measures 2.5" in diameter.  Good condition.
Brand new and well-known compact celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Coty L'Aimant and inscribed on the back, measuring 3" in diameter in a pink and gold contemporary design.
Delightful little compact measuring only 1.5" in diameter with a design of red flowers and gold swirls on a black ground. This was bought from Gillian Horsup at Grays Antique Market, from whom I also bought 3 powder boxes, one of which is shown below. She has a wonderful collection of vanity items and a website at
This super 'Sleigh Bells' vanity has its original powder and rouge puffs and there is a paper over the rouge which bears the Coty name.  The red enamel beneath the hoops which support the bells is all intact.  There is some marking to the edges of the mirror but otherwise, it is in superb condition.  It has a lovely brocade pouch in gold and red.  This is not a Coty pouch but the compact fits perfectly.  
This beautiful compact has a real butterfly at the centre surrounded by 7 segments of butterfly wing beneath a plastic lid.  It has the original unused pressed powder refill papers and signed puff.  The back has wavy lines and the central Coty logo.  There are a few dark spots on the back but otherwise, it is in excellent condition.  It measures 2.5" in diameter.  
This lovely Art Deco compact comes in its original boxed set complete with Paris perfume and though the bottle is empty, the scent still lingers.  The compact has its signed puff and some powder.  The box shows dancers from all over the world and still has its original stickers on the back.  Given its age, the box and its contents are in excellent condition.  This was a Christmas gift from my son who was very pleased with himself.  He bought it at Alfie's Market in London.

This compact was made in the early 1950's.  It is made of white plastic, rather like a powder refill in that on the back, it has the make and colour of the powder inside.  It also has the Lalique design of powder puffs on the lid on a gold crackled background.  This compact is no longer in my collection as it has now been sold.  
This delightful compact has a creamy background with a design of leaves and flowers on the lid and was a Christmas gift.  
`Envelope' novelty compact, beautifully made and in very good condition,  Details of this compact are in Juliette's new book, on Page 53.

A lovely butterfly-wing compact, about 2" square, chrome-backed, depicting a landscaped forest scene.  There is some slight deterioration of the wing. This compact held a godet of pressed powder.  It is marked Paris, France and is complete with its little pouch.     
This is a slim goldtone compact, with the Coty crest at the centre and a ring at the base holding a leatherette tassel. A gift from my daughter.  
A small compact with the famous 'powder puff' design on the lid, designed by Rene Lalique. Another gift from my daughter which she bought at the convention in November 1998.  
Small chromium-plated compact for pressed powder, with central crest and marked 'Coty Paris' on the reverse.