The following compacts are all anonymous in that there is no manufacturer’s name on the case. However some of my nicest compacts are amongst these. If anyone can identify any of them, perhaps you would like to email me:

Silver-plated & enameled pill box, so not really a compact, but a rather lovely portrait on the lid of Mary Robinson, an C18th poet & novelist.  Marked EPNS on the base, it measures 4 cms in diameter. This little box featured in the 2012 Cheltenham catalogue & I bought it from Mary Baker at Bracknell this year (2013).
Silvertone dance vanity with carrying chain & blue tassel & central motif of a blue lady looking into her mirror. Approx. 6.5 cms in  diameter, it has a central mirror inside but otherwise empty.  Very pretty raised flower design around the sides & classical laurel-leaf design on the lid.  Very good condition.
Cornflower blue faux guilloché under a cellophane lid on this compact which has a metal-edged sifter & metal mirror.  Unusually, it has a bevelled glass mirror on the base of the compact & measures 7.5. cms. in diameter. In very good condition & such a lovely colour.
This is a super little foil Art Deco compact showing a bather on the lid dipping her toe into the water.  It has a rotating inner lid for powder & a lovely engine-turned back.  Probably made in the 1930s. I was lucky enough to buy this from Kate Strike at our 2012 Cheltenham Convention.  It's delightful.
A lovely British-made Art Deco compact, only 5x5cms, in a gorgeous green with a little ring & marcasite motif on the front.  It belonged to Pat Lloyd, but it started to flake a little on the front so she decided to sell it. Naturally the back is perfect & the inside is pristine. I bought this from Pat at Cheltenham last year & I feel very privileged to have it.
A nice brocade camera-style vanity case, possibly German and made in the 30s, measuring 4" by 2".  It holds powder, space for a lipstick and a back section for cigarettes and notes.  It is identical to the one shown in Juliette's Miller's Guide on P. 21.  I bought this from Julia Briddock at our  Bracknell convention, 2010. Considering its age, it is in very good condition.
A lovely scarlet vanity with rouge and powder, both puffs present and an engine-turned surround to the mirror which has some striations running across it.  Both sides are enamelled and there is a small silver motif decorated with red stones in the corner, but no markings at all. It may be American but I'm not sure. It's very sweet and bright and 2.25" square.  In excellent condition.  Bought from Jennie Davis at Bracknell.
A tiny compact, measuring 1.5" in diameter.  The lid is a brass relief showing a woman's face among reeds and leaves, while the base is in a coppertone with swirling flowers and foliage.  Very dainty.  Some small damage to the mirror and the compact is empty.  Possibly French.
British-made compact with a beautifully-worked MOP lid showing 2 lovebirds and a heart in the central panel.  It measures 3.5" in diameter and there is one small piece missing near the top left of the panel.  This was a lovely gift from a friend.
Superb Russian clamshell compact, made of frosted milk glass and this year's surprise birthday gift.  Goldtone interior hallmarked with an inverted V, hammer & sickle inside a star & 875.  Engine-turned inner lid with sliding catch, plastic-edged fine sifter and framed mirror, the compact measures approx. 3" by 3".  It was bought from Linda Bee at Grays Antique Market.  
Beautiful little white guilloche enamel vanity, measuring only 2.5" by 1.5".  It has a rotary powder dispenser, empty rouge container and a tiny lipstick with a sliding opener.  There are 2 clips on the mirror which may have held a puff.  The inside is chrome, the back is plain guilloche but beautifully detailed and it is in very fine condition.
This is a delightful little compact in Art Nouveau style showing a lady's head with flowing hair and flowers, with a fine rope surround to the plaque, which I think is made of plastic.  There is no sifter of puff but a lingering scent of the powder it once contained.  It measures 1.5" in diameter.
A nice basketweave purse compact, made in Italy.  This has a feather puff and sifter and measures 2.75" at its widest point by 2.5"  excluding the clasp.  It is a very slim compact with a nicely embossed frame to the mirror, but unfortunately, it is rather rubbed on the back.
This is a very slim art deco compact in faux tortoiseshell with a brass overlay to the front.  It has a nice fluted shape with rounded corners, a silk puff and sifter and measures about 2.5" square.  In very good condition, it measures just over 2.5" square.
A fabulous Italian silver and enamel compact showing Jean Francois Millet's 'The Gleaners'.  It has a bevelled mirror and beautifully chased base.  It is hallmarked 800 and 304F.  It measures 3" by 3.5" at its widest point and is in super condition.
This is a nicely-made compact with an inner lid and felt-edged powder well.  The lid is covered with tiny gold leaves and each one is set with a turquoise stone.  It has a diagonal band which matches the outer banding and measures approx. 2.75" by 2.5".
Beautiful solid perfume compact which Felix bought for my birthday.  I don't collect solid perfume compacts but this one is so lovely and unusual that I felt it should be shared.  It is possibly made by Max Factor but there is no mark.
Wonderful Art Deco non-spill vanity.  Inside there is a chrome flip-up mirror in the lid with space for rouge and the base for powder.  The rouge puff is present.  It is slightly dome-shaped and measures 2.5" in diameter.  The base has a lovely design of geometric half-circles set into squares and a classical motif to the front and back edges.  It is in superb condition and I bought it from fellow-member Mary Turvill at our Cheltenham convention.
This tiny celluloid compact in the shape of a hand mirror is possibly German and made in the 1930s I believe.  It is complete with a tiny puff and is in very good condition considering it's age.
Beautifully embroidered horseshoe-shaped compact with a zip fastener, silk puff and sifter and bevelled mirror.  It measures 3" by 2.5" and is in super condition.  The original price of 3s.6d. is on the label inside!!
Small compact in brand new condition with a bird and flowers in different shades of gold on a black background.  About 2" in diameter. Complete with sifter, puff and inner ring to hold powder pan. Bark effect on the base in goldtone. Very modern and similar in style to the Toledo compact shown further down.
This is a delightful little compact, in a dull gold colour, about the depth of a pill-box and only 1.5" in diameter.  It has 14 segments each decorated with a red stone and a pearl and a larger central pearl.  The body is decorated with embossed leaves and vines and the bevelled mirror is held in place with a circle of braided metal.  It is stamped 'Made in France' on the base.
A beautiful and unusual Art Deco vanity in red and black enamel, showing a Japanese influence.  It measures 1.5" by 2.5".  The rouge is intact with the puff and the powder sifter is also present.  This is very similar in style to the WW11 Glove Vanity in brown enamel, shown on the 'Various' page, so it may be by the same manufacturer.
A pretty Art Deco compact in turquoise green enamel with little pink and gold paisley leaves and gold banding.  It has a bevelled mirror and the sifter is present.  The back is plain but is damaged and looks as though it has been in contact with a sticky substance.
A lovely set of compact, comb and lipstick in a beautifully embroidered case.  The back, inner case and lipstick holder are a cream grosgrain.  There is an inner lid, sifter and puff and it has never been used.  However, the puff has a foam backing which has disintegrated slightly, so would indicate that it is quite modern.  It has never been used as it has been kept in its box, so all the colours are bright.  The box has a sticker with a number and 'weib' stamped on it, which may mean nothing at all!  It is quite large, measuring 3.5" square.
This compact is made of black satin with a pretty central disc showing a bird and flowers.  It measures 3" in diameter, has sifter and puff and a ball and catch closure.  It is in excellent condition.
A super Art Deco compact in a wonderful marbled blue enamel with silver banding and chrome interior with sifter and puff.  It measures 2.25" by 3.25", has a beveled mirror and is marked 'Foreign' in the base of the case.  Lovely condition.
A nice little octagonal compact and matching comb set in pink enamel on chrome with a Scottie dog transfer.  The compact has a metal-edged sifter but no puff and unfortunately, the compact has faded so is not as bright a pink as the comb.  It's not my usual style, but you don't often see sets like this.
Lovely Art Deco vanity in typical colours of green and silver with a black enamel lid and silver emblem.  Square with cut-out corners, flip-top mirror, contains rouge and powder puffs, a neat powder dispensing mechanism and measures 2" by 2".  In excellent condition.
Wonderful 1920s French ivory compact of oriental design depicting a raised buddha in his temple.  The inside is a much deeper chestnut colour.  It has a puff and a cord-edged mirror.  It measures only 5 by 4.5 cms.  A very unusual compact which I was lucky enough to win at auction from fellow-member Margaret Lipitch.
I also bought this lovely powder pot from Margaret.  It has a screw-top lid with mirrors in the lid and base and a tiny pink, fluffy puff.  This tiny pierrot compact is also from the 1920s and measures 3.5 cms in diameter.  
Lovely glossy goldtone compact with a pale blue enamel lid overlaid with a cut-out design of tulips with black highlights.  It has a sifter but no puff and is in excellent condition, measuring 3.5" in diameter. 
A beautiful Art Deco vanity case in cream, gold and black enamel with central gold diamond.  The inner lids are black, but as you can see, unusually, the rouge compartment is red, with a red puff, and the powder one is cream.  The case opens by pushing down lightly on the lipstick case.  There is some loss to the mirror.  I was very pleased to buy this from fellow member, Margaret Lipitch, at our Bristol convention.
The finely-worked filigree lid on this lovely little vanity houses rouge beneath a clipped metal mirror and powder in the base with a white puff.  The top is a dull gold colour and the base is black.  In the base, there is a patent number which gives the date as 1934.  It measures 1.5" in diameter.  I bought this at our convention in Bristol from Lisa Woodman.  Lisa tells me that it is possibly made by FJ Co.
Wonderful black enamel Art Deco compact,1.5" by 2.5", with turquoise centrepiece surrounded by marcasites in a deco motif.  The mirror is bevelled and the inner lid is pierced to dispense powder.  This compact is stamped 'Made in France' and is this year's birthday present.  It was bought in Camden Passage in London.
Small, neat MOP compact with a push-down bar to open.  Inner lid, puff and bevelled mirror.  It has a patent no. and is made in the USA.  Another lovely birthday gift, bought in Alfie's Market, London. In lovely condition.
A lovely foil compact showing a windmill which is reflected in the water.  It has a neat mechanism for powder dispensing.  Very good condition.  Again, I bought this in Camden Passage.
Brushed goldtone with a glossy gold leaf in each corner and MOP panel in relief showing a pagoda, trees and mountains.  Inner lid, puff and sifter.  Bought in Camden Passage.  You can tell I had a great time there!
This is a sweet little compact.  A brass case and mother-of-pearl lid.  The lid has been painted to depict a man in his little sailing boat.  There is a very nice lilac-coloured edged puff and a full godet of powder in a terrible mauvey-lilac shade.  The compact is in excellent condition and measures 2" in diameter.
A lovely petitpoint lid on a white background and a plain black back, with cream sifter and cream silk puff.  The compact has a transparent plastic inner lid which I've never seen before.  The bevelled mirror has been set into a kid base and the edge of the inner lid and little flap are also kid leather.  There is very little metal in this compact.  It is very similar to the one shown on P.85 of Juliette's Compact Manual.
A tiny compact measuring only 1.5" in diameter.  It has a brass case and blue enameled lid decorated with tiny white flowers and is possibly French.
I was delighted to meet Mary and Geoff Turvill at the Shepton Mallet fair in September 2001 from whom I bought this lovely compact.  Jade green enamel with a marbled effect to both sides and gold banding, it is a very slim flapjack and in superb condition.
A sweet little compact showing a lady sitting on a donkey carrying panniers of lavender.  A very nice edged puff.  The picture on the right shows the label beneath the powder godet so I assume that the compact may have been made for this cosmetic house, Potter & Moore's.
Made in Great Britain.  Goldtone with an outer shell design and embroidered centre of flowers beneath a plastic cover.  Very nice condition.
A dainty silver compact, about 2" in diameter, hallmarked Birmingham 1930.  This compact has a neat, interesting sifter with an open and close mechanism operated by the little flower button at the bottom.  It lifts out easily to replace powder.  I bought it mainly because it has a monogrammed 'J' and is in lovely condition.
A delightful Russian silverplated compact, measuring 2" in diameter, with an enameled lid of red stylized flowers and blue leaves on a turquoise background. It has an engine-turned domed base and is in excellent condition.
This compact, made in Czechoslovakia, has a lovely shape with a gold top and green enamel base.  The lid is decorated with a raised, stylized flower motif.  I bought this compact from Amalia Ramsay at our convention in Slough.
Another lovely purchase from the Slough convention, this is a slim, stylish Art Deco compact in black and gold, with a beautiful clip fastening, the detail of which can be seen in the picture on the right.  
A beautiful little compact in pale turquoise guilloche enamel with rose design on a silvertone body.  It has a small carrying chain.  Inside is a horseshoe-shaped mirror with space below for rouge.  It may have had a metal sifter, though this is missing and there is no puff.  It is possibly by Norida, though there is no name, but I have seen a similar compact in an advertisement in Lynell Schwartz's book.   


This lovely little vanity, possibly Canadian, has a faux ivory lid with etched gold maple leaf surrounded by tiny red stones and a classical design to the outside rim.  It is 2" in diameter, has a long carrying chain and is about the depth of a pill-box with 2 compartments.  The picture on the right shows the lid of the mirror. I have had the hinge repaired as one side, holding the pin, had snapped off.  I love it, despite the damage. I took this compact to our Cheltenham convention and the lovely Geoff Craven took it home and replaced the broken mirror for me.  Many thanks Geoff.
This Russian compact has a crackle design on a dark goldtone base and is dotted with orangey-red circles.  The inner lid has a cartouche showing a pillar with a spoked wheel or a sun behind it, but no actual name.  I am very grateful to my friend and fellow-member, Jenny Duncan, for the information she provided
This is a rather glitzy compact, modern in design with a very fancy fretwork lid, encrusted with faux pearls, diamonds and jade stones at the centre.  Another ebay auction buy. This compact is no longer in my collection as I have now sold it.
A very unusual 'French Ivory' compact, souvenir of Riga,. Latvia, with black etched design to the lid.  I bought this from my friend and fellow-member, Myra Corr.  It is in excellent condition.
This pretty compact has enameled flowers on the lid and a lovely scrollwork design to the sides and back.  My friend, fellow collector Heidi Melhuish, has 2 similar compacts and she tells me that this is Czechoslovakian.  Heidi has her own lovely website at
Quite a heavy compact which measures 3½" square, it has a beautifully embossed goldtone back.  Unfortunately, quite a lot of the goldtone has worn.  The lid is plastic/perspex held in each corner with a tiny screw, over a pretty design of primroses on a yellow background.  There is some corrosion to the mirror, a sifter but no puff. (Charlene Arcidiacono offers a likely identification of this one: ... the square with pansies looks like the classic Rex Fifth Avenue "Reverie" design seen more often in the vinyl clad 4½ inch flapjack, but they used the same picture on other styles...)
Goldtone engine-turned half-moon compact with ribbed design on the back, plaque for initials and embossed side panels, inner lid and sifter.  Although unmarked, it is identical to the A.S.Brown Olympics compact shown in Juliette's new book on Page 47.  Superb condition.
This compact was made for the Armed Forces during World War II.  It has a blue enamel lid depicting the raised eagle emblem of the USA.  The banner beneath reads 'Germany'.  The octagonal sides have scrollwork and this continues on the back.  There is a puff but no sifter and some of the enamel is missing.   
This is a similar compact to the one shown above except that this one depicts a map of the British Occupied Zone of Germany after the end of WWII.  Although you can't tell from the photo, this compact is about twice the size of the one above, measuring about 4" in diameter with its puff and sifter.  A similar compact is shown in Juliete's book on Page 41
This very early plastic compact, decorated with a spray of flowers was made in the USA in the 1930's I believe.  (I am awaiting confirmation of this date). It measures 3½" in diameter, no sifter or puff and the mirror has been replaced as it is not an exact fit.  However, I think it's a lovely example.
Goldtone base with scrolled outer rim and black incised centre depicting Mount Fuji in silver and gold.  It has an inner lid, sifter but no puff and is in lovely condition.  
Goldtone with small central dome of raised roses, marked Made in England.  It has a nice sifter and the fabric puff is faintly marked 'Pygmalion'.  Slight marks to lid and small scratches on the back.  Again about 3½" in diameter.


idx00208.jpg (2031 bytes) Saddleback-style compact - red enamel with tulip design. Made in America. Bought from Laurel Bailey, an American dealer, at our society's convention in November 1998. This is a beauty.
idx00607.jpg (2345 bytes) Art Deco vanity in the style of a cigarette lighter with compartments for lipstick, eye pencil, powder and perfume atomiser. Made in Japan, possibly late 1930's. So much inside such a small case which measures about 2" by 2.5".
idx00024.jpg (1981 bytes) Black plastic with central marcasite H motif. Just right for my surname!
idx00300.jpg (2257 bytes) Very dainty blue cloisonné enamel lid with bird design on a brass case. Less than 2" in diameter.
idx00221.jpg (1935 bytes) Brown plastic hexagon-shape with central marcasite motif.
idx00036.jpg (1733 bytes) Chinese silver with embossed dragon design. Quite a heavy compact which I bought in Portobello Road.
idx00029.jpg (1079 bytes) Cream enamel with gold incised stars, and beautifully made. Marked Foreign. Bought from Juliette Edwards.  In wonderful condition.
idx00031.jpg (2106 bytes) Egyptian silver with niello work design to front and back depicting a sailing boat and palm tree.  Super condition.
idx00070.jpg (2034 bytes) Art Deco vanity in turquoise and silver with lipstick and cigarette case. Some damage to the enamel.
idx00626.jpg (2199 bytes) Goldtone with multi-coloured flower design. Made in England. A Christmas present bought in Covent Garden.
idx00142.jpg (2156 bytes) Lovely oriental design of birds and flowers in reds and golds and a border of tiny mosaics. 
idx00315.jpg (2381 bytes) Very pretty pale green enamel with embroidered lid. Possibly French. An early buy from Clifton Antiques Market.
idx00082.jpg (1600 bytes) Sterling silver hallmarked Birmingham 1947. Christmas 1997 gift from my son.  Wonderful condition.
idx00282.jpg (3186 bytes) Possibly Spanish Toledo work on this neat little black and gold compact.
idx00109.jpg (2257 bytes) Dark brown plastic with gold diamond-shaped floral inset. Marked Foreign. Excellent condition.
Made in England - Burgundy enamel case with inset gold-lined square. Holds solid powder. In lovely condition.
This small metal compact is embossed on a gold, silver and black background in an 'Arabic' design. The centre of the lid is domed.
A deeper compact to hold solid or loose powder, it has a padded 'silk' lid depicting a scene of Victorian ladies, although it is very modern. This compact is no longer in my collection as I have now sold it.
Zipped purse-type compact in black silk with petit-point flowers on lid.  The inside is a soft leather, but it is in a fragile condition, the sifter is torn and there is some damage to the mirror.  However, it's a pretty example and the outer case and zip are fine.
Made in Great Britain, this is a modern compact to hold solid powder.  It has a shiny goldtone case with a central design of marcasite flowers on a black background.  The compact is in lovely condition and appears to be unused. I bought it at a charity shop so another nice little bargain.
Modern compact, black background with iridescent flower design, inner lid and sifter but no puff. This compact is no longer in my collection as it has now been sold.